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Since 1995, Gold Cup Circuit has been promoting and hosting preeminent Martial Arts Tournaments throughout the Bay Area.  Our League is open to all Martial Artists and all Martial Arts styles.  We host a variety of tournaments throughout the year for which competitors earn points in the various divisions in which they compete.  At the end of the year we tally the points for each division and invite the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place point leaders to our Annual Awards Banquet.  At the Banquet we honor the winners with awards for their valient efforts, but we also take the opportunity to gather as friends and family to enjoy the occassion by sharing our devotion to Martial Arts and to one another as competitors and as friends.  We invite you to attend one of our tournaments and to explore our array of options in the Competition Arena.  We offer First Time Divisions in both Forms and Fighting as an introduction to tournament competition.  These divisions are a chance to get the "feet wet" without the pressure of facing seasoned competitors and everyone receives a trophy to celebrate their participation.  We also offer Regular Divisions for all comers, Beginner to Black Belts to Grand Masters.  With our many, many years of tournament promotion we run a very well organized set of events and we are sure you will find the level and degree of competition you are seeking.

There will be no Gold Cup tournaments this year.  Seems everyone is on hiatus!  However, there will be tournaments from the Circuit that you will want to attend.


The last ever Lone Wolf Tournament (Wolf is retiring from tournament promotion) will be held February 28th, 2015 at Albany Middle School.  For more information please call or email Wolf 510-459-0854 OR wofhi@comcast.net.  Download the flyer at the links below.


Lone Wolf Karate Open Championships

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The Gold Cup Championship

The final Point Standings are posted.  The Award Winners are now posted, the active.com site is ready for your online ticket purchase, and the Award Winner Letters will go out in the mail by Monday.  You are cordially invited to attend the 2014 Awards Banquet on November 22 at the Fratellanza Club in Oakland.  Congratulations to all of our competitors this year.  You have worked hard, trained hard, and deserve the recognition you have earned.  Most importantly, THANK YOU to all the parents and supporters of our Competitors.  They can't get to the dojo or to the tournaments without your dedication.  We'd also like to thank all of our helpers at all of our tournaments, Judges, Scorekeepers, Trophy Monitors, Announcers, Setup Crew, Cleanup Crew.... everyone is a volunteer and these tournaments wouldn't be possible without your kind devotion and belief that Martial Arts and Tournament Competition are pivotal in testing technique and building confidence.  We are all looking forward to the Banquet this year.  It is a wonderful celebration where we enjoy each other's accomplishments, but also drop the competitiveness and eat, drink, dance, getting to know each other outside the Ring.

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Gold Cup Double Point Kickoff 2014

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