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Since 1995, Gold Cup Circuit has been promoting and hosting preeminent Martial Arts Tournaments throughout the Bay Area.  Our League is open to all Martial Artists and all Martial Arts styles.  We host a variety of tournaments throughout the year for which competitors earn points in the various divisions in which they compete.  At the end of the year we tally the points for each division and invite the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place point leaders to our Annual Awards Banquet.  At the Banquet we honor the winners with awards for their valient efforts, but we also take the opportunity to gather as friends and family to enjoy the occassion by sharing our devotion to Martial Arts and to one another as competitors and as friends.  We invite you to attend one of our tournaments and to explore our array of options in the Competition Arena.  We offer First Time Divisions in both Forms and Fighting as an introduction to tournament competition.  These divisions are a chance to get the "feet wet" without the pressure of facing seasoned competitors and everyone receives a trophy to celebrate their participation.  We also offer Regular Divisions for all comers, Beginner to Black Belts to Grand Masters.  With our many, many years of tournament promotion we run a very well organized set of events and we are sure you will find the level and degree of competition you are seeking.


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THE Ultimate Internationals - May 17th, 2014

The Ultimate Internationals will be held at the Jesse Bethel High School, 1800 Ascot Pkwy, Vallejo, CA, on May 17th. 

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Lone Wolf

The Lone Wolf Open, as always, was just a fun, warm, supportive day for the event and for the history.  It is always such a treat to see so many Instructors and Students of the present and the past who come out and give their support.  The Lone Wolf has been continuously putting on a highly competitive and well attended event for 22 years now.  We dearly appreciate the over-the-top support of Hillesheim Karate, Rising Sun, Ed Hernandez and his Western Dragons, The Tejano Family of Dragon's Martial Arts, Cummins Karate, Intensity Martial Arts, Wise Ways Okinawan Karate, thank you Renshi Jerrel Smith and your supportive Black Belt Hieu, Master Freddy Locket and his continued GCC support, Mire's Martial Arts, JP's Kajukenbo, and Huk Hu School of Martial Arts.  But the highlight of each year's Lone Wolf is who we see pop up from our past.  Thank you GM Al Reyes, we began with you in the tournament arena and here we are 22 years later.  We were also honered by the support of GGM Emil Bautista, his beautiful wife, and their sweet puppy who loves everyone!  Thank you Moe Lama for your support, but also for that connection we've had since the days of the Master Halbuna trips to Hawaii for the "real" tournament competition... who could ever forget those trips and our everlasting bonds?  Rick Jackson, what a treat to see you and have you work your butt off for us judging all day!  It's been many years, but some things never change and we are happy to hear you will have your memorable tournament this year with those big trophies with the tiger in the base!  Hope to see you on May 3rd!  Then we have the Master Tony Ramos' attendees, we notice, and what a connection to our herritage, thank you.  Same for you Master Woody Sims, you bring us your support, and your students, while continuing your knee recovery, standing TALL. GM Gene Ray, we are so excited with your duo hip surgery recovery.  So much energy going on now, and of course your students who support you and us, Eddie Mills, and Michael Speigel.  A special visit by Banqui Parker and others who just show up to say Hello, we appreciate you, Junior Salientes.... we are still connected with our forever memory of your Dad and your Sister who were such a great part of the "Beginning" of our Martial Arts style.  And, lastly, one of the greatest gifts in life, the return of the Lone Wolf Students.  They come each year in different numbers, different persons, but it always happens..... Hey, Mike Reeves, how was that Black Belt battle with Michael Hillesheim... great show for all of us!  Thank you Marielle and Alison for working so hard in those fighting rings!  Thank you James, Jennifer, and Franchesca for bringing your babies to be taught and raised by the Hillesheim (Wolf Pack) Martial Arts philosophy..... Karate is not a sport, but a way of life....  And last, but not least, thank you Judges, Scorekeepers, Moms, and Dads for all the help and support.  We can't do it without all of your hard work.

We are missing many, but we realize on any given day families are challenged to meet all the obligations that face them... hope to see you next year.  And of course we are missing some very beloved family because we have lost them to the Martial Arts Family in the Heavens.... we love you, we miss you, we will see you again.



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Gold Cup Double Point Kickoff 2014

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Ultimate Internationals on May. 17, 2014 (View)

The Ultimate Internationals will be held at the Jesse Bethel High School, 1800 Ascot Pkwy, Vallejo, Ca. 

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Lone Wolf 2012 (View)

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